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The enforcement of this code of self-discipline shows that we are interested in the security of your data. These indications are also enforceable by our controlled companies and are respected by any web system of the Tannery Srl society. At the time of registration as subscribers you have given permission for your Personal computer to be used for the purposes shown in section 1.2 (a), but not for the purposes shown in section 1.2 (b) and the following ones.

1.1 What type of information do we collect?

During registration, Tannery Srl obtains your corporate or company name or your name, your VAT number or fiscal code, your telephone number, your office address and your email address.
These information are essential for access to the online trading on the Tannery Srl sites. Only non permanent cookies to handle the users' sessions are used.

1.2 How do we use your data?

(a) The information you have provided us will be used for purposes related to the effectiveness of the Tannery Srl sites and for the services that Tannery Srl offers through its sites. Your data will be communicated to other parties only when you decide the settlement of a business.
We can always communicate you name and email address to visitors of the site. We will not communicate in any case individual statistics.
If you d??on't agree with the fact your data should be used for such purposes, you will not be able to take advantage of the services offered by Tannery Srl and its web sites.
(b) Tannery Srl would like to offer to its subscribers the best service possible and will provide any further information concerning Tannery Srl and the other services that it directly or indirectly offers.
If you wish not to receive such information, send an email or a letter to our customer service, as described in section 1.4.
If you inform us that you would rather not receive this information, your data will be processed according to what described in the previous paragraph (a).

1.3 How do we protect your data?

We have adopted rules and technical measures to protect the data in our possession from:
- un-authorized access
- improper use
- un-authorized changes
- illegal destruction or accidental losses
All our employees and partners that have access or are involved in the processing of data are obliged to respect the secrecy of your data.
Your data will not be disclosed to third parties, unless it isn't requested by law or other regulations.
If you need any further information relating to our privacy policy, you can contact the head of our customer service.

1.4 How do we respect access to your information?

We have conformed to Italian law n. 675/96 and to European directive 95/46/EC, related to the protection of data.
In the respect of these rules you have the right to have access to the data in our possess and relating to you and, via email, you will be able to ask that such data will be:
- cancelled
- rectified or corrected

You can contact us by::
- E-mail:
- Post: Tannery S.r.l. Via Mazzini, 47 36071 Arzignano (VI) Italy

If you wish, you can also access:

Changes to this self-discipline code will be published on this site.

1.5 Definitions

In this code, the following expressions have the meanings hereunder:
- "Tannery S.r.l. web sites" The wide range of world web sites that operate through Tannery S.r.l. including, without limitation, web sites in Internet addresses.
- "subscriber" every operator that has been accepted as so by Tannery S.r.l.
- "data" information related to the users that can be identified from such data or from such data and other information that are in possession of or are going to be possessed by Tannery S.r.l.