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1.0 Object

The present agreement, together with the enrolment form, the price list and the letter on the Privacy, regulates the terms of access and use of the services offered by Tannery Srl to its partners with its portal. The portal WWW.TANNERY.COM is a neutral business-to-business platform intended to make commercial contacts among leather operators possible.

2.0 Definitions

In the present agreement the words hereunder will have the following meaning:
a) Portal: the web site WWW.TANNERY.COM as a virtual meeting place for leather operators whose use is for subscribers only;
b) Conditions: the set of clauses and elements included in the present agreement, in the enrolment form, in the price list and in the letter on privacy;
c) Subscribers: physical or juridical people who have accepted the Conditions, completed and undersigned the enrolment form, paid the subscription fee and have received confirmation of the personal password to access the portal;
d) Main service: the possibility to show one's own products on the portal - raw hides, semiprocessed, finished, second hand and new machinery, basic chemical products - to search on the portal for products to buy, to advertise for products according to requirements;
e) Additional services: brokerage, contractual expert reports, financial, economic and technical advice, assistance in the drawing up of insurance, procedures of arguments settlement, credit recovery that from time to time Tannery Srl will be able to specifically offer and make available to its subscribers against payment of specific remuneration;
f) Virtual store: web pages where products are shown.
g) Forum: web page by Tannery Srl for subscribers to get in touch;
h) Advertisements: offers of products, cooperation, technology, opportunities for collaboration.

3.0 Terms of subscription

The physical or juridical person who intends to have access to the portal will have to:
a) completely fill in the enrolment form that appears on the screen after having clicked on "subscription", select LOGIN and Password and confirm the data entry, read carefully the General Conditions and click on the appropriate box to select "I accept the contract". This action implies the full and total acceptance of the present conditions and of the enclosures.
b) Immediately see to the payment of the subscription fee according to the current price with the conditions shown in the enrolment form - and fax a copy of the accounting or banking document in advance to Tannery Srl stating that payment, however not after five working days subsequent to the acceptance of the previous letter.
c) Following this Tannery Srl will send the invoice and confirmation of the settled subscription by post.
d) Keep the password with outmost care, it is personal and not transferable to third parties. RawLeather Srl is explicitly exempted from any responsibility for incorrect use or for non diligent care of the password.

4.0 Access and use of the Main Service

Immediately after carrying out what expected at the previous point 3 lett. a), the subscriber will be able to access every part of the site. After settlement of the payment, the subscriber will be able to:
i) as a supplier: upload and show his products in the virtual store to other subscribers on the net, filling in the form provided by Tannery Srl with all the data requested and clicking on "Upload offer". The subscriber is the only person exclusively responsible for the truthfulness of the data provided; product presentation must be intended as an invitation to make offers directed to other subscribers. Proposals can be viewed on the site during the period which corresponds to commission paid;
ii) as a buyer: - have access to the virtual store and consequently access the list and analytical description of the products on the portal by clicking on "HIDES" or "MACHINERY" or "RESOURCES"; - declare interest in dealing with the purchase of one or more lots by clicking on "contact": Tannery Srl will automatically inform, via email, both parties, namely supplier and client of the interest shown in dealing, with the specific indication of all the necessary data so that the parties will be able to make contact directly and arrange for commercial agreements, unless the supplier has already delegated this task to Tannery. It is stated precisely that the portal offers only one way of commercial communication among subscribers and that any further deal or contractual definition will be exclusively dealt with by the parties involved;
iii) as a Forum advertiser; show on the forum that it is accessible to all subscribers, using the appropriate form to be completed in each and every part, its own requests for products or collaboration researches. It is specifically stated that the Forum is intended to receive only and exclusively requests for products and/or for collaboration and not proposals of different nature or invitations to offer that must exclusively be offered in the virtual store and that Tannery Srl reserves the right not to accept or cancel advertisements that have a different content or object from the one specified.
4.1 Main Service subscription prices For the annual subscription to the Portal, and therefore to have the right to access the Main Service, every subscriber will have to pay as a "subscription fee" the amount specified in the current price list and, each time, a further amount as "commission" according to the viewing period required for each stock or good shown in the "virtual store" or for each advertisement, always according to the current prices. The prices and the payment and invoice methods are published on the web page "Price list" and are integral parts of the present conditions. One month before the end of each annual subscription, Tannery Srl will send each subscriber, via email, the new subscription fees for the following period of twelve months. The non-payment of the fee within the set time limit will be intended as not wanting to renew the subscription that will automatically expire according to the original expiry date. Timely payment will instead be intended as the renewal of the subscription for a further period of twelve months. The payments will have to be made according to the conditions shown in the subscription fees.
4.2 Prices for accessing additional services To take advantage of the additional services that Tannery Srl will supply upon specific request, the subscriber will have to pay the fee indicated by Tannery Srl. Content, settlement conditions, general and particular conditions of additional services are available by clicking on "Services prices".

5.0 Expenses charged to the user

By accepting the present agreement, the subscriber agrees to provide to Tannery Srl, where requested, all necessary updated, complete and precise information and to keep them updated for all the duration of the subscription. In case even just one piece of information should be incorrect, Tannery Srl, will have the power to suspend or shut down the service. The subscriber takes note and accepts that the personal data provided and correlated to the use of the service will be used and registered by Tannery Srl in an appropriate protected database in accordance with and respectful of law 675/1996. Provided that above and upon authorization for personal data processing as foreseen according to the following art. 8, Tannery Srl has the power to transmit said data to the parties which they themselves have delegated and/or appointed to carry out related activities concerning fulfilment of the service and to spread them exclusively within the aims according to which the service is prearranged, upon acceptance, by the mentioned subjects, of a commitment on the right to privacy of the personal data here received. The subscriber undertakes and promises not to upload, send or transmit, distribute or publish in other way on the Portal, any communication that (I) limits or inhibits other users from using and benefit from the services or that stops Tannery Srl to supply those services, (II) that is illegal, threatening, insulting, tendentious, slanderous, obscene, vulgar, offensive, pornographic, (III) that establishes or encourages criminal behaviour, that gives rise to civil responsibilities or that violates the law in another way, (IV) that violates, brings under undue subjection or stake the rights of third parties including, without limitations, copyrights, registered brands, patents, the right to privacy or to advertisement or any other right related to property, (V) that includes a virus or other dangerous components, that forms or includes indications on the source or false or misleading statements.
Tannery Srl is not responsible for communication of this type and reserves the right on such a matter, in any moment, to make public whatever information should prove to be necessary in compliance with any law, regulation or government request or to draw up, deny to send or cancel any communication, completely or partially, that according to the exclusive decision of Tannery Srl could be questionable or in complete violation of the Conditions.
The subscriber will have and keep his own operating environment so that he is in a position to use the services. He acknowledges and accepts that the requirements of such an operating environment can be changed over the course of time without the partner being informed in advance. If timely awareness occurs, Tannery Srl reserves the right not to publish data on the site that it considers unlawful or inappropriate or in any case obviously false or wrong. Any contrary behaviour of the subscriber, any action that can compromise the functionality of the site or compromise rights of third parties, will give Tannery Srl power to immediately suspend the subscription and be entitled to damages.

6.0 Changes to the present agreement, communication and probationary regime

Tannery Srl reserves the right to modify the Conditions by publishing the changes on the portal. Changes are understood to be to the subscriber's knowledge within the third day of publishing and are understood to be automatically accepted without objection from the subscriber within the three following days. Email will be used for any communication and copies, stored in the server of Tannery Srl and regularly printed, will constitute proof in all respects. The email address of Tannery Srl is the one that appears on the Portal. The subscriber's email address is the one that appears on the enrolment form. Tannery Srl will store and keep any data or message on properly protected optical storage. Data stored in this way will constitute proof between the parties.

7.0 Responsibilities

Tannery Srl created and runs the portal simply as a virtual meeting place for the exchange of offers and orders among subscribers and does not interfere in any way in successful commercial transactions among subscribers. Consequently, Tannery Srl does not guarantee and is not responsible for (I) the quality or the lawfulness of the products sold through the Portal; (II) the ability or solvency of the seller or of the buyers to formalise the corresponding contracts; (III) the delivery of the goods once the contract has been concluded on the portal; (IV) the validity of the result or of the commercial transactions concluded on the Portal; or (V) any obligation due to the sellers or buyers as a result of any agreement reached on the Portal. Tannery Srl does not guarantee the truthfulness, accuracy, exactness or clearness of the information provided by partners or third parties through the portal and does not take any responsibility for (I) mistakes or omissions coming from the use of such information or for (II) damages that might occur from the use or diffusion of such information. Tannery Srl reserves the right to stop the services of the portal in order to carry out maintenance, updating or repairing operations that could be necessary for the correct running of the web page or of other correlated information systems. Tannery Srl is exempted from any responsibility concerning any link that appears on the web pages. They are exclusively used to inform the user of the existence of other sources of information on this matter on the Internet and that could be combined with available data on the Portal. The existence of such links does not constitute an indication, invitation or advice to visit other sites, and thereby Tannery Srl will not be responsible for any information obtained from such links. Furthermore, the subscriber accepts that Tannery Srl, its affiliated members, branches and controlling entities, as well as their suppliers and those of Tannery Srl, do not commit themselves and do not guarantee that (I) the services will never be unavailable or without any mistakes, (II) problems concerning the supply of the Services will be solved, (III) that the issue of information through the Services will be secure or (IV) that the Services will not be infected with viruses or other components that can cause damages. Tannery Srl, its affiliated members, branches and controlling entities, as well as their third party suppliers of contents will not be considered responsible for any problem or damage that derives or results from the use of the Services.

8.0 Informative report and consent ex art. 675/1996

According to and art. 10 of the law no. 675/1996, the subscriber declares that he is informed in a complete and exhaustive way, having read the "letter on privacy" which is an integral part of the present conditions, of (I) the purposes and the way his personal data, frankly communicated on acceptance or during the fulfilment of the present agreement, is handled, (II) the recording of data on protected electronic supports, which will be treated in a strictly confidential way by Tannery Srl for its institutional purposes and anyway related or exploitable for its activities, (III) the compulsory or optional nature of placing the data as well as of the consequences for refusing to answer, (IV) the limits of diffusion and the subjects' categories where such data can be communicated, only with prior written consent, (V) the processing title and data concerning the people responsible for the processing, (VI) the rights of which as per article 13 of law no. 675/1996 with particular concern for the possibility to access, integrate, change, cancel the personal or opposition data completely or partially for the related use with the aims specified, even having had particular concern for the purposes of information as expected in the next point 8.2, forwarding a specific formal request to Tannery Srl with financial office in Arzignano (VI), Corso Mazzini n. 45, Italy. By accepting the present agreement online, the subscriber gives his consent to have his personal data processed for all purposes (I) imposed by law or regulation or by measure obligations and (II) necessary and/or useful for the present contract agreement and execution as well as for all the activities correlated to this agreement. The subscriber also gives his consent for his data to be processed for commercial information purposes or to mail advertising or interactive commercial communication messages from Tannery Srl or from firms controlled or that are part of the Tannery Srl group. The subscriber takes note and declares that the information provided with the enrolment form can also be found in public registers, lists, certificates and documents available for everyone and is necessary for the subscription procedure. Furthermore, the subscriber takes note that the conferment of further data involving him is optional. The person responsible for processing personal data of which as per law no. 675/1996 is specified on the portal.

9.0 Intellectual property

All patents, copyrights, registered brands, names stored that are shown on the portal of exclusive property of Tannery srl or, if it is the case, of the respective information and contents suppliers, cannot be used in any way, neither directly nor indirectly, by the subscriber. The web pages on the portal are to be considered to be protected by copyright and cannot be copied, changed or altered without the previous written consent of Tannery Srl.

10.0 Subscriber's exclusion and withdrawal

In case Tannery Srl notices that the subscriber has not seen to payments due for the fee and commission in good time or has violated the Conditions, or in any case gets to know that he has put in false or not corresponding to truthful data (including information related to goods or products shown in the virtual store) or that, after having received a reply related to a product shown on the portal, has turned business conditions worse for the buyer, or has become default to obligations undertaken towards another subscriber, or has used the password inappropriately or has transferred it to third parties, it will be able to exclude the subscriber from accessing the portal by removing the password and it will reserve to claim for compensation for damage, also of commercial image, that the behaviour of such a subscriber has caused. The excluded subscriber will not have right to any refund. In case the subscriber is winding-up or is subject to an examination or liquidation procedure, or in any case Tannery Srl gets to know, even by means of market information, of an incompatible situation of the subscriber with current business experience, Tannery Srl will be able to withdraw from the subscription contract giving back the contribution part of the enrolment fee proportional to the remaining period of the subscription and without any other charge of whatever nature to his charge.

11.0 Assignment ban

It is expressively prohibited to the subscriber, under penalty of immediate suspension or interruption of the Service, to hand over to third parties, completely or partially, the present agreement without the previous written consent from Tannery Srl.

12.0 Enforceable right and place of jurisdiction

The present agreement has been constructed, is ruled and will be regulated by the Italian law. For any dispute, the place of Jurisdiction of Vicenza will be exclusively competent.