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Gemata S.p.A. manufactures roller coating machines and complete plants for the finishing of leather, synthetic leather, bonded leather, fabrics, rubber, paper, cork, wood and float glass.
But the product that has contributed to make Gemata the worldwide leader is the roller coating machine.
Gemata is synonym of roller coating machine, a working system that allows depositing any kind of chemical product on clothing leather, shoes leather, furniture and automotive leather, steadily and evenly, and with no waste of chemicals in the environment.
The great advantage of finishing the leather with a “Gemata” machine, compared to the traditional spray finishing, consists in the huge saving in chemical products. So there are economical savings on one side, and an ecological working process with low environmental impact on the other.

Besides roller coating machines, Gemata also produces:
a) High efficiency drying tunnels, supplied in line with the roller coating machine, to dry the chemicals deposited on the leather
b) Rotary Spraying cabin, also with water curtain device, to finish very faulty leather where it is difficult to intervene with a roller, and to create particular effects
c) HLVLP sprayguns: guns working at a low pressure and for both low and high volumes, with an increased 10-15% efficiency compared to the competitors’ products
d) Foaming machines to generate chemical products and air emulsions with a 200 to 950 gr/lt density
e) Machines and plants for the automation in the tannery: conveyor belts, selecting machines and stacking machines to pile the leather at the end of the finishing process
f) Mechanically and electronically engraved rollers for the coating and printing